Moments of Truth

Founded in 2020, HB Antwerp quickly grew to be the most extensive diamond ecosystem, employing more than 130 full-time employees in 2022.

The HB ecosystem is a scalable, technology-driven infrastructure that will be rolled out in each mining country that adheres to our standards.

In their Changemakers series, our partner Microsoft zoomed in on the impact of the HB model on the countries of origin. Watch the video here.


Power is the most valuable human resource we have. We share it by empowering and enabling others. When you have power, you can be anything.


Supply chains of natural resources are often complex and opaque. At HB, we have made it our mission to reimagine the journey of these raw materials through a business model with fairness and honesty at its core. We strive to empower people and create a positive impact on society and the planet.

Our Goals

Empowering individuals

Regenerating the natural world

Creating economic fairness