We ensure radical transparency and verifiable traceability on every diamond by mastering the entire process, from rough to polished, in-house, at HB.

Moments of Truth

Founded in 2020, HB has quickly grown into one of the most significant Mineral Infrastructures in the world.

HB has pioneered a scalable, technology-driven ecosystem that is – and will continue to be – rolled out in each mining country that adheres to our standards.

In their Changemakers series, our partner Microsoft zoomed in on the positive impact of the HB model in Botswana. Watch the video here.


We leverage technology for verifiable mineral infrastructure, starting with natural diamonds.


Our mission is to catalyze equity for natural resources.

Our Ethos


The Natural World

We ensure unwavering ethical actions, nurturing a legacy of principled excellence across & beyond our organization.



Embracing a moonshoot mentality, we foster innovation & pursue audacious ideas that drive positive change.




We actively promote a culture of diversity, equity, and collaboration, creating an inclusive environment where every voice is heard, valued, and respected.