Botswana’s Subtle Revolution | PART 4

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Africa stands at a crossroads, grappling not only with the immediate impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic but also with the reverberations of conflicts unfolding far beyond its borders. | Botswana’s Subtle Revolution

By Omologo Bonjo, Communications Manager at HB Genesis Botswana


Africa stands at a crossroads, grappling not only with the immediate impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic but also with the reverberations of conflicts unfolding far beyond its borders. The recent escalation of tensions between Russia and Ukraine serves as yet another reminder of the interconnectedness of our world and the vulnerability of African economies to external shocks.

Credit to the African Union, they have been steadfast in their efforts to strengthen the resilience of African economies and promote self-reliance among its member states. Recognizing the limitations imposed by dwindling resources and external dependencies, the Union has championed a vision of development that is grounded in Africa’s own strengths and resources.

African nations find themselves grappling with constrained fiscal space, making it increasingly difficult to meet the needs of their populations and fulfill their financial obligations to the Union. In such trying times, the call for Africa to chart its own course, to harness its own resources for development, becomes not just a matter of choice but a matter of necessity.


Botswana's Subtle Revolution | HB Botswana
Botswana’s Subtle Revolution | HB Botswana

To dismiss Africa’s cry for self-determination as isolationism or self-centeredness is to ignore the harsh realities faced by the continent and its people. It is tantamount to turning a blind eye to the centuries of exploitation and marginalization that have left Africa economically disadvantaged and politically vulnerable in the first place! Any call against Botswana’s quest for self-reliance is not just misguided; it is morally bankrupt.


Let me put it into context; Imagine a young entrepreneur, let’s call him Kgosi, navigating the bustling streets of Gaborone, Botswana’s capital. With a fire in his belly and a dream in his heart, he envisions a future where opportunity knows no bounds and success is within reach for all who dare to chase it. Kgosi’s journey mirrors that of countless others across the continent who have long been relegated to the sidelines of a global stage dominated by powerful interests and colonial legacies. For centuries, Africa has been exploited, its resources plundered, and its people marginalized by forces beyond their control. But as the sun rises on a new era, it’s time for Botswana and all of Africa to rise up and reclaim their rightful place in the world.

Let’s be clear: a win for Africa is not simply economic growth or foreign investment. It’s not about how many skyscrapers line the streets of our cities or how many multinational corporations set up shop on our soil. No, a win for Africa is about self-determination, empowerment, and the realization of our full potential as a continent rich in resources, culture, and innovation.

We must take back ownership of what is rightfully ours. Our natural resources, which have been exploited for centuries by foreign powers, must now be managed for the benefit of our own people. No longer can we allow our lands to be pillaged while leaving our communities impoverished. It’s time to negotiate fair deals that prioritize local development and environmental sustainability.

But ownership goes beyond just natural resources. It’s about controlling our own narrative and shaping our own future. For too long, Africa has been depicted as a continent of poverty, disease, and conflict in the Western media. It’s time to challenge these stereotypes and showcase the vibrant cultures, thriving economies, and innovative solutions that exist across our diverse continent.

To achieve this, we must invest in education, technology, and infrastructure. We must empower our youth to become the leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators of tomorrow. We must build strong sustainable institutions that protect human rights and promote transparency and accountability. Of course, reclaiming ownership will not be easy. There are powerful interests both within and outside Africa that benefit from maintaining the status quo. But we cannot let fear or complacency hold us back. We must be bold, unapologetic, and relentless in our pursuit of a better future for Botswana and all its people.

Our leaders are stepping up and leading with courage and vision. It’s time to forge partnerships based on mutual respect and mutual benefit, rather than dependency and exploitation. It’s time to demand a seat at the table of global decision-making, where our voices are heard and our interests are represented.

In the words of the great African leader Kwame Nkrumah, “We face neither East nor West; we face forward.” It’s time for Botswana and Africa as a whole to look forward with confidence and determination, knowing that our destiny is in our hands. Let us seize this moment and chart a new course for our continent—one that is defined by pride, prosperity, and progress.

The world is watching, Botswana. Let’s show them what we’re made of!


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