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Annemie Coppens

Annemie Coppens

Annemie Coppens, our Head of Human Resources at HB Antwerp, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role. With a distinguished career spanning various sectors, Annemie is a seasoned HR professional excelling in both hard and soft HR domains, covering every aspect of the employee lifecycle, from white to blue collar. Her dedication […]

Oded Mansori

Oded Mansori Oded Mansori HB Antwerp

Oded Mansori, co-founder of HB Antwerp, is an entrepreneurial diamond connoisseur with nearly 30 years of experience. In 2009, he founded R.D.H. Diamonds (Rare Diamond House), a manufacturing and trading company specializing in large (10ct plus), exceptional, D-flawless, perfectly polished diamonds. Mansori built an impeccable reputation among the world’s most discerning clients – investors, auction […]

Ruben Reudink

Ruben Reudink Ruben Reudink HB Antwerp

Ruben Reudink is a skilled professional in the field of supply chain management, known for his innovative approach and passion for creating efficient vertically integrated supply chain systems. As the Head of Supply Chain at HB Antwerp, Ruben’s expertise and dedication play a pivotal role in shaping the company’s operations. Armed with a background in […]

Tom Munters

Tom Munters Tom Munters HB Antwerp

Tom Munters, an esteemed visionary with 20 years of experience is propelling HB’s technological advancement. In his role, Tom expedites the company’s progress by refining existing methodologies and introducing groundbreaking possibilities, all while upholding the revered artistry of diamond polishing. Beyond the expansion of HB’s R&D center, his responsibilities include cultivating innovation poised to revolutionize […]

David Gorel

David Gorel David Gorel

David Gorel is a qualified diamond expert, with expertise in rough diamonds. After working for an extended period in Africa, David returned back to Antwerp where he fell in love with transforming diamonds of large sizes. The origin of the diamond and the challenges in converting it into an exceptional piece is his source of […]

Dave Oste

Dave Oste Dave Oste

Dave Oste has nearly 20 years of experience in the field of diamond manufacturing. Holding a master’s in Industrial Science, he has always focused on developing new technologies and software for diamond manufacturing. Over the last decade, Dave has led R&D projects while managing a skilled team of artisans. Dave is also deeply involved in […]

Valerie Geluykens

Valerie Geluykens Valerie Geluykens - Head of Sustainability

After heading the sustainability department of one of the biggest Belgian fashion houses for seven years, Valerie joined HB Antwerp in 2022. In her role as Positive Impact Director, Valerie uses her experience to advance HB’s core values of empowering individuals, regenerating the natural world, and creating economic fairness. Under Valerie’s management, HB Antwerp embraces […]

Wouter Pollers

Wouter Pollers Wouter Pollers

Wouter Pollers is an accountant, financial consultant and advisor with significant managerial experience at several major companies, including the steel and mining giant ArcelorMittel, energy supplier Eneco and the Brussels Airport Company. He has spent more than a decade developing an expertise in restructuring finance and business operations. Wouter’s hands-on approach to compliance accounting has […]

Margaux Donckier

Margaux Donckier Margaux Donckier

Margaux Donckier, Public Affairs Director at HB Antwerp, is passionate about working in fast-paced environments thriving to impact the world positively. In 2020, Margaux joined the young start-up HB Antwerp. Being part of the management team, leading strategic communication, public relations, and business development, Margaux has a crucial role in the positioning of HB as […]

Boaz Lev

Boaz Lev Boaz Lev

Boaz brings over 20 years of executive management experience to HB Antwerp, with an emphasis on new business creation and development. He started his journey in the diamond industry working with the global leader in secure logistical solutions for valuables, Malca-Amit. Before becoming the Managing Director of Malca-Amit Antwerp, he founded the company’s gem lab […]