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Boaz Lev

Boaz Lev Boaz Lev

Boaz brings over 20 years of executive management experience to HB Antwerp, with an emphasis on new business creation and development. He started his journey in the diamond industry working with the global leader in secure logistical solutions for valuables, Malca-Amit. Before becoming the Managing Director of Malca-Amit Antwerp, he founded the company’s gem lab […]

Rafael Papismedov

Rafael Papismedov Rafael Papismedov

Rafael Papismedov, co-founder of HB Antwerp, is a dreamer committed to overturning conventions and cutting through red tape to create value. Known for his thirst for knowledge and ability to digest complex challenges, Rafael’s career as a serial entrepreneur has resulted in a breadth of experience, ranging from international business ventures to real estate to […]

Shai de-Toledo

Shai de-Toledo Shai de Toledo HB Antwerp

Shai de Toledo, a co-founder of HB Antwerp, has extensive experience in the diamond supply chain and a passion for leveraging technology to disrupt the industry. Under Shai’s leadership, HB Antwerp has developed a closed-loop supply chain that streamlines the transformation process of natural diamonds, ensuring full traceability and transparency. Shai has spearheaded the development […]