HB Antwerp Hires Sustainability and Communications Consultancy Eco-Age

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Next-generation diamond manufacturer HB Antwerp has appointed Eco-Age as its retained agency for 2021. Eco-Age will manage strategic partnerships and communications for the business based in Antwerp, Belgium, the center of the world diamond trade.

Established in 2020, HB Antwerp is a company on a mission to shake up the diamond industry, reform outdated traditions and perceptions of beauty, pioneer innovative technology and experiences, and lean up the often wasteful and sometimes murky supply chain.

HB Antwerp specializes in the procurement of high-value rough diamonds and has set up exclusive partnerships with some of the world’s leading ethical mines to purchase their largest stones.

HB Antwerp is offering, for the first time, full disclosure, track, and trace provenance reports on their diamonds. They are pioneering a new era of clarity in diamond trading, where the consumer is empowered with a deeper level of knowledge, and confusion, cynicism, and skepticism are removed, making the whole process of buying a diamond as clear and as transparent as a diamond itself.

HB Antwerp also plans to introduce a new true bespoke diamond experience where the customer or retailer becomes part of their stone’s evolutionary adventure. Not only will they have full insight into the provenance of their diamond and expert high-tech analysis on its characteristics, but through advanced digital imaging, they will be able to watch their diamond emerge from a rough into the perfectly cut and polished diamond of their dreams.

Using sophisticated blockchain technology and a smart box track and trace system, HB Antwerp can provide a full and complete traceability of their diamonds and can

guarantee that its diamonds have been ethically and sustainable mined, never been handled or worn by anyone else and only made one journey, from the mine to their HQ.

In 2020, HB Antwerp entered into a strategic partnership with fashion house Louis Vuitton and diamond mine Lucara Botswana to cut and polish two exceptional rough diamonds. The black-coated Sewelô is with its 1758 carat the second largest diamond ever found. The 549-carat Sethunya is the exact opposite – clear as an iceberg with an exceptional colour and clarity.

Eco-Age has been brought on to further develop the company’s sustainability strategy and projects as well as expand on its presence in Europe, North America and China.

Eco-Age previously worked with Chopard in 2012 to launch ‘The Journey to Sustainable Luxury’ – Chopard’s long-term sustainability strategy. Chopard’s commitment to sourcing responsibly throughout its supply chain, resulted in reform across the supply chain, driving the industry towards more sustainable and ethical practices.

Harriet Vocking, Chief Brand Officer at Eco-Age said, “HB Antwerp is using cutting-edge technology to enable greater transparency and traceability in the diamond industry. We are looking forward to continuing to drive the brand’s sustainability efforts forward and building strategic partnerships with like-minded brands.”

Margaux Donckier, Director of Communications and External Affairs at HB Antwerp said, “At HB Antwerp, we are continuing to invest in the latest technology to redefine the way diamonds are sourced, processed and traded. We are proud to be working with the strategists at Eco-Age who are experts in communicating about our sustainability efforts in a transparent and tangible way.”


About HB Antwerp

HB Antwerp turns the diamond supply chain upside down starting with the customer. Using technology, we bring simplicity and transparency to a typically complex supply chain. Everything happens in a closed loop called HB Ecosystem in Antwerp, backed with the latest technologies and tracked with blockchain making it 100% transparent from diamond mine to market whilst significantly reducing the carbon footprint.


About Eco-Age

Eco-Age is a specialist sustainability and communications agency. We are a leading and trusted voice, expert in bringing positive, sustainable change to key audiences.

Our evidence-led sustainability narratives and programmes of change resonate with both consumers and industry insiders. Over the last decade we have honed specific expertise in supply-chains, textiles, impact measurement, internal and external communications, PR and event-planning. The programmes that we develop are aligned with international best practice and feed into global targets. This means the change that we help to activate is real and substantive.