Through our innovative business model, HB is fostering long-term economic growth, creating meaningful job opportunities, and enabling sustainable development across infrastructure, health, and education in the communities where we operate.

HB Botswana

Botswana is the first country after Belgium where this infrastructure is being implemented, starting in late 2022. In Botswana, 45% of the GDP comes from diamonds. Our mission is to maximize these economic benefits, ensuring that they flow back into Botswana’s communities.

Local Batswana will be selected and trained to manage the HB Botswana facility through the HB Innovation Lab, a joint partnership between HB Antwerp and WomHub – a boutique, pan-African incubator for female-led innovation. This program illustrates our commitment to create lasting talent pipelines and support broader development opportunities for the people of Botswana.

We are also fostering deeper collaboration and knowledge-sharing between Antwerp and Botswana, cementing Botswana’s reputation as a modern, technology-driven diamond manufacturing country.