HB Botswana will be led by locals and will strive to maintain gender parity among its employees. The HB Academy, an internal training institute, will teach future HB team members all the technical skills needed to operate this high-tech facility.

During the inauguration, HB also announced it will open a significantly larger, more advanced facility at the Botswana Innovation Hub, scaling the company’s impact by as much as ten times.

“The HB Botswana facility in Botswana is the realization of close collaboration and partnership between the Government of the Republic of Botswana and HB Antwerp,” said President Masisi, at the Inauguration event of HB Botswana. He added, “We are forging a brighter future for the next generation of Batswana, taking unprecedented ownership over our natural resources to realize their potential for our nation’s sustainable development.”

“Our success has come – and will continue to come – from our fearless willingness to challenge every aspect of the way things have been done to date and to recognize value where others have overlooked it,” said Rafael Papismedov, Co-founder of HB Antwerp.