HB Innovation Lab

The HB Innovation Lab is a 5-month program organized by HB Antwerp and WomHub that targets young graduates – especially women – who are from Botswana and desire to build a career in their home country and contribute to its development. During the program, we aim to equip the next generation of local talent in Botswana with the skills and opportunities to become part of the diamond’s journey, contributing to the ecosystem while at the same time shaping the future of the industry.

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HB Academy

HB Academy in Antwerp

In 2021, we launched the HB Academy in Antwerp in collaboration with VDAB, the public employment service in Flanders, Belgium. Through the HB Academy, we are training the next generation of master artisans – paying homage to Antwerp’s legacy of expert craftsmanship while also training on the latest manufacturing technology. This two-pronged training environment marries the old and new, pushing boundaries and sparking creativity. HB Academy is paving the way for diamond innovators of the future.

The next HB Academy starts in February 2023. Register now for this 12-week course and become one of our master artisans.

HB Academy in Botswana

At the beginning of 2023, we will open an HB Academy in Botswana to train local polishers through a rigorous 12-week course, including both theoretical and practical training. On completion, participants will be equipped and ready to work in the HB Atelier. This is yet another facet of the company’s efforts to replicate the HB model in Botswana by sharing knowledge, introducing innovative technology, and investing in the people of Botswana.

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HB Foundation

With the HB Foundation, we support initiatives that help us reach our goals of empowerment, fairness, and regenerating the natural world.

At the moment, the HB Foundation sponsors several youth soccer teams in Antwerp, such as the girls of the Antwerp Diamond Football Club and the youth academy of the Royal Antwerp Football Club.

We believe inclusion is critical – whether it’s on the soccer field or in an HB facility .