Positive pursuit

To fulfill our ambition as a business to give back more than we take, we understand that this journey is an ongoing work in progress. We recognize the need for an authentic approach to sustainability, one that evolves as we learn and grow. This means adopting a holistic perspective that assesses impacts across a wide range of topics and integrates positive impact thinking throughout every facet of the organization.

Future Fit Business Benchmark

Sustainability is not an option for us, it’s not a conversation in a silo —it must be integrated and considered a business imperative. As part of our commitment to a socially just and, economically inclusive future, we collaborate with the Future Fit Business Benchmark. Future-Fit provides us with the necessary holistic, science-based tools to establish a strong base for our Positive Impact Plan, ensuring that we set the right ambitions, make better decisions, measure the appropriate sustainability issues, and make significant strides toward our goals.

Changemakers community

HB’s Changemakers Community aspires to evolve into a dynamic epicenter of transformation, rooted in the bedrock of knowledge dissemination and community empowerment. Our purpose is to nurture an ecosystem that seamlessly facilitates the exchange of knowledge, making the realm of business universally accessible and shattering the confines of innovation. Yet, our vision of metamorphosis extends beyond individual pursuits. We are committed to the notion of communal change-making, where active involvement with our community becomes the conduit for mutual advancement.

A Legacy of Transformation

Through mutual learning and addressing the pressing needs of our community, we forge a profound impact that transcends the boundaries of privilege. Our mandate is unequivocal: to incubate genuine, enduring community development. Much like a sustainable business model, these initiatives are meticulously crafted to flourish autonomously, ensuring a legacy of transformation that stands the test of time.