The Challenge

Traditionally, diamond makers rely on complex global supply chains that make it very difficult to truly know a diamond’s provenance and the extent of its journey – whether it involved exploitive labor, abuse of human rights, or environmental damage.

The Solution

We started by changing the business model, simplifying the traditional complex diamond supply chain to create a unique Mineral Infrastructure, using innovative technology, and ensuring total transparency. Our vertically integrated closed-loop ecosystem eliminates the need for numerous intermediaries and international flights, creating transparency in the supply chain and reducing our footprint significantly, streamlining the journey from our partner mine to the HB Ecosystem.

Take Ownership

Taking responsibility and being accountable for our business’s impact is at the core of our values. We have set 23 break-even goals that reflect our dedication to sustainability and progress. These goals span crucial areas such as energy consumption, water usage, employee well-being, responsible procurement, and more. By setting our sights on these ambitious goals, we are striving to ensure that every step we take as a business leaves a lasting positive footprint.

The Butterfly Effect

“The Butterfly Effect” finds its roots in the profound idea that every singular action can unleash monumental transformations. Much like the flutter of a butterfly’s wings can spark a series of events with far-reaching impact, HB believes that each core business effort can collectively contribute to writing the next chapter of this story.
HB is poised to set in motion a cascade of positivity that will touch lives. This journey unfolds through an array of events, and campaigns, each crafted to enable every participant to make their unique contribution, thereby enhancing the shared knowledge within their communities.