Limitless Potential In The Diamond Metaverse

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Looking for a luxury Christmas gift that gives back? 2.4 ETH buys one of 12 unique diamond bunnies NFTs and limitless potential to trade in the diamond Metaverse

Antwerp, 19th December 2021 – Just in time for Christmas, Signum – a new rough diamond brand that bridges the space between physical and digital diamond ownership – has partnered with cult Metaverse brand to launch the ‘Twelve Diamond Bunnies of Christmas’, each of which exists as a unique and beautiful NFT.

Available to be “adopted” from 19th December 2021 at, the 12 crypto-art bunnies have their own identities, ranging from a futuristic ‘Space Traveler’ to a sweet-toothed, bright blue ‘Gummy Bun’. Each diamond 3D bunny is also depicted next to a high-carat rough diamond, from which owners can reap rewards in 2022 and beyond.

“Our NFT diamond bunnies are inspired by nature. They are born on the Metaverse and exist to give back to their owners and wider society,” says Shai de-Toledo, one of the Signum-founders. “When you buy one, or give it to a loved one, you unlock and shape a unique adventure in the digital world of diamonds – and where this leads to is totally up to you as a creator, benefactor and investor.”

What you get when you invest in a Signum diamond bunny

Buyers of the 12 diamond bunnies NFTs will own them forever in their crypto-art form to keep, gift or sell. Then, in January 2022, each diamond bunny will give life to a new digital high-carat rough diamond NFT. These high-carat rough diamonds NFTs will automatically enter the digital wallets of each of the twelve original buyers, who can choose whether to retain them in rough form, or to have them forged into several smaller polished diamonds NFTs.

If you choose to forge your rough diamond NFT, then the next part of your journey becomes even more interesting. Two will re-enter the Metaverse as a give back, where its community will continue to grow. The other ones will remain with you to do what you wish: forge them now or later, keep, or sell.

About Signum

Signum is a luxury experience brand that links physical and digital diamond ownership. Signum gives consumers the opportunity to foster the co-creation of a diamond in whatever form is the greatest expression of their individual self, beginning with a rough natural diamond. Through its unique business model and use of blockchain technology, Signum removes its customers from the limitations, conventions and expectations that exist within the traditional diamond buying experience and instead encourages creativity for a truly customizable experience.

About HB Antwerp 

HB Antwerp is a diamond company based in Antwerp focused on technology-driven sourcing, analysing, cutting and polishing of diamonds. HB is applying an innovative methodology designed to simplify the complexities and challenges of the global diamond supply chain and enhance transparency. HB Antwerp authenticates each stage of its value chain using its own unique blockchain and traceability proprietary technologies.

About Next Decade

Next Decade is a Parisian company mixing  a subtle blend of luxury and technology. Next Decade builds a bridge between the know-how of the physical world and the digital world,and nurtures a decentralized ecosystem of experiences dedicated to our community: the heroes of the metaverse.