The Challenge

Traditionally, diamond makers rely on complex global supply chains that make it very difficult to truly know a diamond’s provenance and the extent of its journey – whether it involved exploitive labor, abuse of human rights, or environmental damage.

The Solution

Origin is prized in art, fashion, food, and wine.  Diamonds should be no different. Each natural diamond originates in a specific geographic location, shaped by Mother Nature’s elements, preserved for millions of years, and carefully excavated to extract the optimal result – a completely unique rough diamond. The age, location, and conditions all play a role in the outcome and can give significant meaning to the stone and the future consumer.

We Are Rebels With A Cause

We have simplified the traditional complex diamond supply chain to create a unique mineral infrastructure, using innovative technology and ensuring total transparency. This vertically integrated closed-loop ecosystem replaces conventional systems – which can include up to 25 middlemen and several international flights – with a single journey from our partner mine to Antwerp.

Through this business model, we maximize the value that flows back into the mining communities, empowering individuals and building resilience collectively. Together, with our commitment to ecological responsibility and regenerative impact, we work to empower people by revolutionizing value chains.

Industry Practices

We are fully compliant with the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. The Kimberley Process (KP) is a commitment to remove conflict diamonds from the global supply chain. The Kimberley Process (KP) defines conflict diamonds as: ‘rough diamonds used to finance wars against governments’ – around the world.

The Responsible Jewelry Council believes that every company in the jewelry industry has a duty to behave in a responsible way by implementing the Code of Practices. HB is certified by the RJC, through independent third-party auditing.

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