Consumers desire to pierce the opacity of the corporate veil and demand to know precisely what brands stand for.

HB Antwerp therefore guarantees transparency in the diamond value chain. Creating crystal-clear partnerships is how we achieve this goal. For example, we secure deals to source rough stones directly from the mine. We then conduct every stage of the manufacturing process, from A to Z, solely and exclusively in Antwerp. In addition, we monitor and verify each step along the way with the latest blockchain technologies.

HB Antwerp strives to reconnect consumers with the unbelievably rare, high-quality diamonds found in nature, and to give them the value they deserve.


HB Antwerp offers to miners a groundbreaking value proposition in which the purchase price of the rough stone is based on the estimated polished outcome.

HB’s value proposition is founded on the belief that¬†better alignment between producers, manufacturers, and retailers will lead to a healthier, more efficient global diamond supply chain. It is how we plan to¬†turn our long-term vision for transparency and sustainability into reality.

As the company grows and the formula proves successful, HB Antwerp will seek to establish additional partnerships with producers of high quality, high value diamonds. The value chain is strongest when we create value together.

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