Revolutionizing Diamond Transparency: HB Antwerp’s Partnership with Microsoft

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At HB Antwerp, we’ve embarked on a mission to rewrite the rules of the diamond industry. Historically opaque and lacking transparency, the diamond trade prompted us to redefine how natural diamonds are sourced, crafted, and sold. We aimed to introduce a level of transparency that was missing, allowing stakeholders and consumers alike to follow a diamond’s journey from its origin to its place in the market.

In 2020, our co-founder Shai de-Toledo pointed out a crucial issue – the lack of transparency. “You could tell me the diamonds came from Mars, and I’d have to take your word for it,” he remarked. That summed up the core problem: while other luxury retail sectors boast compelling stories for each item, the diamond industry lacked this transparency.

Our vision wasn’t just about tracing diamonds but about reshaping the supply chain paradigm. We wanted to build a community-centric ecosystem where every stakeholder, from miners to consumers, could access a diamond’s authentic story. The challenge lay in tracing something considered untraceable due to segmentation across different companies unwilling to disclose a diamond’s origin.

To realize this vision, we partnered with Microsoft, leveraging Dynamics 365 Finance, Dynamics 365 Project Operations, and Azure solutions, notably the Azure Confidential Ledger. This collaboration enabled us to record immutable data points across a diamond’s journey, ensuring sustainability and visibility at every step.

Our use of Microsoft’s technology didn’t just solve a problem; it set a benchmark for transparency and trust. The Azure Confidential Ledger, Azure SQL Database, and Dynamics 365 tools facilitated meticulous tracking, transforming a technical process into an engaging narrative at the heart of our mission.

This technology didn’t just refine diamond tracking; it unlocked a data-driven approach for our business. It enabled us to make accurate profit predictions, reduce errors, and optimize value creation. Moreover, it offered scalability and accessibility, crucial factors in our growth journey.

Today, we’ve traced over $500 million in diamonds, and our goal for 2024 is to reach a staggering $1 billion. Our focus isn’t solely on diamonds; it’s on harnessing technology to mine valuable data patterns and insights for better predictions. Our ambition has evolved from being a diamond company to becoming a data-driven tech company, attracting stakeholders keen on being part of our transparent story.

Our journey is more than diamonds; it’s about transforming industries and economies, giving consumers the power to make impactful choices. And as we expand our mission, we invite you to join us on this transformative journey.

HB Antwerp isn’t just about diamonds; it’s about rewriting narratives, setting new benchmarks, and mining a brighter, more transparent future for all.

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