Follow the diamond on its journey from Botswana to Antwerp

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‘Sethunya’ Follow the diamond on its journey from Botswana to Paris through Antwerp.

HB Antwerp, the European technology company focused on the diamond industry, is proud to announce a second collaboration to trace the diamond’s journey from mine to masterpiece. For the first time in this industry, the company’s cutting-edge technology creates true traceability and sustainability in the heart of Europe.

A 549-carat rough diamond with exceptional color and clarity characterizes the Sethunya found on February 1st in the Karowe mine in Botswana by Lucara Diamond Corp., the renowned Canadian diamond producer. With over one billion years of history sealed inside, the possibilities to cut and polish a diamond of this size are endless.

Made-to-Order principle is taken to the highest level 

Faithful to its long tradition of Made-to-Order offerings, Louis Vuitton takes this principle to an unseen level. Rough diamonds are almost never presented directly to the client, so many people do not even know what a rough diamond looks like.

Margaux Donckier, Communications and External Affairs Director HB Antwerp: “Diamonds have been traded in the same way for years. Diamond producers mine the rough diamonds, after which diamond dealers buy them, have them manufactured and sell them to jewelers. As a result, consumers almost never get the chance to see a rough diamond. A missed opportunity, because rough diamonds are of the most beautiful and exceptional products of nature, formed more than a billion years ago, deep below the surface of the earth.”

HB Antwerp introduces simplicity, transparency and sustainability

Thanks to these collaborations surrounding the Sewelô and the Sethunya, HB Antwerp, Louis Vuitton and Lucara Diamond Corp., have transformed this classic way of trading connecting consumers with the original rough diamond. The Sewelô, the exclusive diamond of 1758 carat, which was introduced by the same three partners, proved the concept is a success.

Margaux Donckier: “Today, consumers expect transparency and sustainability. They are aware of the origin of products, under what conditions products were manufactured and how often they were flown around the world before arriving at their destination. Thanks to the closed circle system of HB Antwerp, with every stage of the process carried out in Antwerp and backing it with the latest technologies, consumers will get a very clear and transparent answer to all these questions, while keeping the carbon footprint to an absolute minimum”.

Photo:  ©Louis Vuitton | Philippe Lacombe