Meet the team

Our team is a mix of experienced, talented artisans, highly-skilled technical experts, and young professionals united in one common goal: to pay homage to the rich history and value of diamonds by ensuring that a diamond’s origin and its journey from the earth to our clients is as valued and celebrated as a diamond’s physical beauty.
As we are a fast-growing company, we are always looking for talent who wants to join our purpose-driven ecosystem.

Why HB

We have replaced the traditionally complex legacy diamond supply chain with our unique ecosystem that leverages innovative, proprietary technology and ensures total transparency, and in which we work solely with ethical mines. This vertically integrated closed-loop model replaces inefficient, opaque systems, often with dozens of middlemen and international transport, with a single journey from the source to Antwerp.

Through this business model, we maximize the value that flows back into the mining communities, empowering individuals and building collective resilience. Together with our commitment to ecological responsibility and regenerative impact, we work to empower people by revolutionizing and optimizing value chains.


We’re always looking for unique individuals from different backgrounds, who can each add their value by contributing to our common goal: redefining value chains of natural resources for the better.

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