A technology-driven leader


Our approach leverages cryptography to secure the privacy and integrity of our data, using mathematical techniques to secure communication and protect information.

Digital Twin

Each diamond that enters our Mineral Infrastructure is assigned a digital twin, a detailed digital replica that records the stone’s visuals, measurements, scans, and modifications. This forms a comprehensive digital counterpart that complements the physical diamond.

HB Capsule

The HB Capsule, an IoT device we designed and created ourselves, serves multiple purposes. It guides the diamond’s journey through the system and acts as a layer of accountability using the Microsoft Ledger. Furthermore, it secures data like a vault.

HB Blueprint

Central to HB’s innovation is the in-house research and development entity, HB Blueprint, which continuously explores new technological advancements. These cutting-edge technologies are predominantly used exclusively in-house, empowering an advanced ecosystem for tracking, analyzing, sawing, cutting, laser engraving, and polishing diamonds.


One remarkable game-changer is the Droid, an exceptional, fully-automated diamond polishing robot that is integrated into HB’s supply chain. With unmatched efficiency, the Droid accelerates diamond processing speeds by 10 to 30 times faster than traditional methods. Working alongside expert artisans, the Droid gives HB an edge in terms of both speed and cost.

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HB’s commitment to technology-driven excellence extends beyond our in-house capabilities, as evident by our exclusive partnership with Comate, the esteemed Leuven-based design and engineering firm. Through this collaboration, HB has access to high-tech, mechatronic, mechanical, and electronic hardware products and machinery through this partnership, further elevating its technological prowess.

When technology connects, partnerships flourish.

By merging data-driven methodologies and proprietary technology, we create a system that’s about more than producing diamonds.

HB is about the communities we work with and the value we create for them. We put  transparency and traceability at the forefront, ensuring the communities mining the diamonds are the primary beneficiary of these precious gems.

We use technology to assure customers of our diamonds’ ethical origins and the detail of their complete journey to ensure their purchase contributes positively to the communities where we operate. This is the true value of an HB diamond.