Our manufacturing facility combines the traditions of diamond craftsmanship with the most sophisticated polishing technology, enabling us to achieve unparalleled results.

First, our experts use advanced ‘mapping’ technology to reveal the rough diamond’s inner composition, specific features and inclusions. Then, sophisticated software with innovative algorithms create a wealth of detailed cutting options.


Implementing the carefully selected plan demands a level of craftsmanship and expertise only obtained through years of experience. HB Antwerp utilizes state-of-the-art laser technology to saw the rough stone. We program it to define the shape of the finished diamond and separate it from other potential cuts within the original rough stone.

Our laser sawing machine has a direct connection to the planning software. As a result, we generate a seamless transfer of information. This is how we flawlessly implement the desired plan.


Bruting is the stage of diamond cutting that establishes the girdle outline, creating the preliminary shape of the finished diamond. Once a painstaking manual procedure, bruting is now a sophisticated automated process.

HB Antwerp represents the vanguard of fancy-shaped diamond manufacturing. Our cutting-edge techniques reduce the time required to brute a diamond while enhancing the precision of the cut. Additionally, careful computerized monitoring of the process ensures we can brute even the highest-risk stones safely.


Polishing represents the final stage of a natural diamond’s journey from rough stone to stunning finished gem. It requires hard-won expertise, years of experience and a continual refinement of advanced techniques. Assisted by state-of-the-art technology, HB Antwerp’s master artisans are committed to a relentless pursuit of perfection.

Equipped with the most innovative tools to complement their highly refined skills, our master polishers meticulously unleash the play of light inside each diamond. The rapid development of software and machines has made diamond polishing a high-tech endeavor. But it takes an artisan – an artist – to elevate the polished stone to the next level of excellence.

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