The Strategic Imperative of Vertically Integrated Supply Chains in Tomorrow’s World (Part 2)

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The Strategic Imperative of Vertically Integrated Supply Chains in Tomorrow’s World (Part 2)

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A New Ecosystem

In vertically integrated supply chains, companies oversee every production stage, from extracting raw materials to delivering finished products to consumers. By consolidating multiple production stages within their operations, companies like us at HB can drive lasting change and allow mining countries to reclaim ownership of their natural resources.

Our data-driven ecosystem allows us to meticulously track each diamond’s journey from the mine to the market, ensuring adherence to ethical sourcing practices and maintaining transparency at every phase of the process.

This is important because the diamond industry has been making billions over the last decade out of mystery… Our mission from the get-go was to change the narrative around the diamond and to reinvent the diamond supply chain altogether.

To do this, we need to create a new ecosystem, a new value chain, and a new mindset.

Vertically Integrated Supply Chain


Vertically Integrated Supply Chain In the old system, from the moment a stone leaves the mine until it ends up in a jewel, it has been sold and resold 25 to 100 times. Not every step of this supply chain adds value; there are many dealers in between, providing little to no added value.

But more importantly, it is impossible to track.

This is where HB comes in. With our exclusive collaboration with the Karowe Mine, the stones come from the mine to our facility in Antwerp.

Here, we house the entire supply chain under one roof: from rough planning, laser, QC, robots, polishing and sales.


Integrated supply chains align with the growing consumer demand for transparency and sustainability. As consumers become increasingly conscientious about the origins of their purchases, companies with vertically integrated supply chains have a competitive advantage.

Companies can build trust and loyalty with their customer base by offering full visibility into the production process and guaranteeing ethical and sustainable practices.

A vertically integrated supply chain is essential for us to thrive in the world of tomorrow. By consolidating control over the production process, we at HB can influence positive change and ensure long-term success.

As sustainability continues gaining importance in the business landscape, adopting integrated supply chains will be key to staying ahead of the curve and driving meaningful impact.


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