HB & WomHub to host innovation and sustainability-focused hackathon

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HB Antwerp and WomHub to host innovation and sustainability-focused hackathon to foster talent and job opportunities in Botswana.


HB Antwerp, in partnership with WomHub, will host a fast-paced, sustainability-focused 1-day hackathon on August 6. This innovative event will provide 50 Motswana college students with an opportunity to hone their problem-solving and innovation skills and gain exposure to HB Antwerp, which is positioning itself as a leading employer of young talent in Botswana.

Participants will be selected from a variety of fields including communications, finance, human resources, legal, and sustainability. They will be guided through the process by subject matter experts and asked to design an innovative solution to a business challenge related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

“We want to provide a platform for Motswana students to share their vision and ideas for shaping Botswana’s sustainable future. Together with WomHub, our mission is to create real experiences, communities, and learning environments for local talent in Botswana. We enable meaningful participation in economic decision-making at all levels of our business so that opportunity and prosperity are shared,” says Margaux Donckier, Director of Public Affairs, HB Antwerp.

Anjani Harjeven, COO at WomHub shares that “We’re at a time where increasingly complex community and business challenges require innovative and creative thinking from those who understand the environment and who are invested in a sustainable and prosperous future. In partnership with HB Antwerp, we are developing young Motswana leaders of the future and bringing their incredible talents to the forefront so that they can play an active role in solving the problems facing their communities. This hackathon model has proven particularly successful in harnessing energy and creativity for sustainable outcomes.”

Following the hackathon, there will be an opportunity for 30 successful participants to win placement in the highly-anticipated second class of the HB Innovation Lab, set to begin in September. Launched in 2021, the HB Innovation Lab is a comprehensive training program intended to cultivate sector-specific skills and offer meaningful, in-country training and job opportunities for young people in Botswana.

The next iteration of this intensive program will take place virtually over five months and will include

  1. Gain exclusive access to resources on innovation, leadership, entrepreneurship, and employability skills.
  2. Gain a greater understanding of the future world of work.
  3. Develop a meaningful business idea that solves a problem in your community.
  4. Enhance confidence in public speaking.
  5. Build your network of industry experts and peers and learn how to leverage that network.
  6. Gain the opportunity to be recruited by HB Antwerp in January 2023.

In line with HB Antwerp’s fundamental commitment to invest in and strengthen the communities where they operate, the program aims to support the Botswana economy, foster long-term talent development, and create economic fairness and brand exposure for young and emerging graduates, while furthering sustainability and diversity and inclusion in the diamond industry.



The hackathon takes place on August 6 at Avani Gaborone Resort & Casino.  The press is welcome to join this event.

Attendance can be confirmed via

About HB Antwerp 

HB Antwerp turns the diamond supply chain upside down starting with the customer. Using technology, HB Antwerp brings simplicity and transparency to a typically complex supply chain. Everything happens in a closed loop, backed with the latest technologies, and tracked with blockchain making it 100% transparent from diamond mine to market. By aligning the different partners along the value chain from rough to polished and sharing complete data and information throughout the process from mine to consumer, for the first time, local governments get paid royalties on the actual polished prices of their diamonds instead of on the estimated rough value.

About WomHub

WomHub is a boutique Pan-African ecosystem builder with a focus on the entire women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Manufacturing) value chain from attraction to ownership. The strategy is to ensure a comprehensive, holistic approach and create systemic change. WomHub is the only ecosystem builder in the world providing end to end support that focuses on:

  • Building strategic talent pipelines and advancing women in STEM fields from high school to university through the WomEng (Women in Engineering) foundation, founded in 2006 with the vision to support 1 million women and girls through STEM awareness and education. This provides key talent and resources as STEM skills are critical across every sector.
  • Supporting venture creation, incubation and acceleration of female founded businesses to holistically support women and women ownership through WomHub Accelerators. The business technical support starts with in-depth business diagnostics and provides a tailor made approach to support business growth and investment readiness.

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